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Wallpaper Removal Services in Pacific Palisades, CA

Are you tired of the old and outdated wallpaper in your home? Look no further than our wallpaper removal services! Wallpaper Removal Specialists is your local wallpaper specialists in Pacific Palisades, CA. We take the utmost care to effectively remove any wallpaper to avoid wall damage in as much as possible. Our professionals are trained to handle any type of wallpaper, whether it’s traditional or modern, and can even tackle difficult areas such as around windows and door frames.

Discover Our Hassle-Free Wallpaper Removal Process

With our process, we take extra care to protect all of your furnishings and flooring with our protective canvas tarps and plastic covering. Our detergent solution, free of any VOCs or harsh chemicals, is then applied using hot water mixed with a mild soap detergent to ensure the thorough removal of the wallpaper and paste.

Once we have successfully removed the wallpaper and glue, we bag up and dispose of all debris, leaving your space tidy and clean. Say goodbye to that outdated wallpaper and hello to a fresh, clean space with our reliable and efficient wallpaper removal services.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with our experienced team. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional results. Contact us today for top-notch wallpaper removal services in Pacific Palisades, CA.