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Wallpaper Removal Services in Orange County, CA

Wallpaper is a timeless, long-lasting way to customize the design of your home. Unfortunately, wallpaper’s durability makes it difficult to remove when you want to give your home an upgrade. Professional wallpaper removal services are the best way to get all traces of wallpaper off of your walls so they can be repapered or painted.

Turn to the Wallpaper Removal Specialists for wallpaper removal in Orange County, CA.

Why Is Wallpaper So Tricky?

Wallpaper paste is designed to last, which is great when you live in a home for years and want it to look great. But when it’s time to take the paper down and put up something new, this is one project you may not be able to DIY.

Our wallpaper removal services are comprehensive. We will start by laying down tarps to protect all your floors and furniture, and we will finish by removing all residue from the walls, leaving them smooth and ready for their new covering. We also bag up and remove all our trash and the discarded wallpaper so your home is clean and ready to go.

We use mild ingredients to dissolve the paste — never any harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so that you don’t need to worry about breathing in fumes that may be harmful.

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